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With so many dealerships to choose from, how can you be sure who to trust? We help you find dealerships in your area that are reknown for their quality service and products, so you can buy or sell your vehicle with confidence.

Step 1

Dealer Choice rates each dealership according to a list of several
important factors that are essential to customer satisfaction.

Step 2

We use that score to assign a TrustScore to each of the dealerships.
The higher the TrustScore the more trustworthy the dealership.

Step 3

Dealers must provide full transparency and regular updates in
order to remain a certified dealership and maintain their TrustScore.
Using our TrustScore along with hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials, making the right choice is a no brainer.
More than12,000 dealershipslisted on our site.
13,283 testimonialsfrom real customers with real feedback.
11,980 new & usedvehicles listings from Certified Dealerships.

Understanding the Dealer Choice System

    Why do you rate Dealerships? With over 12,000 dealerships across Canada, how do car buyers know which dealerships they can trust and which ones to avoid? Dealerships that have nothing to hide, offer full transparency, so that you can buy with peace of mind.

    Before you step into the showroom, do your homework. Search dealerships on Dealer Choice first and see how others have rated their experience with that dealership. Knowing whether a dealership is Certified or Non Certified could mean the difference between making a great purchase of a reliable vehicle, or getting stuck with a”lemon”. Don’t trust them, trust Dealer Choice.

    How do you rate the dealerships? Dealerships are given a TrustScore based on various criteria that may influence your car buying experience. Factors ranging from whether they let you bring in your own mechanic to check the car, to the type of warranty offered, and whether there’s an exchange plan; we feel that when making such an important purchase you have the right to know it all before you buy.

    We work with the dealers to ensure they provide to us what you want to see, including: Vehicle Reports (CarFax, CarProof, etc.); Dealership History (staff, management, stats, etc.); Customer Testimonials & Reviews (the good and the bad); and much more.

    The TrustScore is assigned based on a combination of information made available to us by the dealership AND user reviews/ratings; whereas the Star Rating is solely based on customer reviews and ratings.

    So you found a dealership that is Not Certified?

    If you’ve found a dealership that is not certified, but you’ve done business with them in the past, don’t panic. There are many reasons why a dealership may not yet be certified. The most common reason is that we have not yet had the opportunity to verify this specific dealership. If you come across such a dealership, please let us know here and we’ll have someone from our team look into this as soon as possible.

    Another reason may be that we were unable to obtain further details from the dealership. We do our best to contact each and every dealership in order to get the information we require to complete our TrustScore Report. However, it is up to the dealership’s discretion to divulge these details to Dealer Choice. Thus, Dealer Choice is unable to recommend those dealerships which do not wish to share their information with us.

    Verifying Certification and TrustScore

    Start by entering a city or the name of a dealership in the search bar located at the top of this page, then click “Start”. Select a dealership from the list provided and click on the dealership’s name to visit its profile page. A dealership is certified when you see the Dealer Choice Certified Seal just below the dealer’s name and address.

    The TrustScore is located to the left of the Certified Seal, and just below the dealership’s Star Rating. You can browse the dealership’s complete TrustScore report by clicking the link on the page, or scroll down to read reviews and see how other car buyers have rated the dealership.

    Frequently Asked Dealer Choice Questions

    If you can’t find your answer below,?contact us.

    Is it true that a dealership has to pay to be certified?

    Yes. Every certified dealership must pay a monthly membership fee to remain certified by Dealer Choice. However this is only one of the requirements to remain certified. Every dealership must also maintain standards set by us based on our TrustScore. If one is to fall below the standards, the certification may be revoked.

    Do you hide and/or remove negative reviews from certified dealership pages in order to keep up their score and reputation?

    No. If a dealership?receives?negative reviews or testimonials from their customers we do not remove them. We do allow the certified dealerships to resolve any negative reviews before they go visible. If the dealership is not able to resolve the?issue within a 2 week period, these reviews are published and the TrustScore will reflect that.

    When you certify a dealership, are you stating that this dealership can be trusted no matter what?

    No. Our TrustScore and Certification is based on what we believe the dealership ranks among all of the 12,000 dealerships across Canada. We use the information which the dealership provides us, as well as customer reviews to rank the dealership. We recommend dealing with a certified dealership versus a non certified dealership due to the fact that they have agree to?transparency?with us, however when making a decision before a purchase of a vehicle, please use your best? judgement.


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