Dealership Certification Program

Basic, Super, and Best Certification Plans

Whether large or small we have a plan to suit your dealership's needs.

From appointment requests and review notifications, to targeted email blasts and a dedicated Marketing Consultant - access all the tools and services you need to command your online reputation. In today's market, 79% of all car buyers complete their shopping process online. Buyers don't use search engines to start their search for a a car, they start at a third-party Dealer Choice.

Help us help car buyers to learn about your dealership and drive active, engaged shoppers to your site.



The Basic Certification Program is an introductory level of membership providing a complete TrustScore Report for your potential customers, as well as numerous online benefits and sales advantages for your dealership.

Currently, 737 Dealerships are signed up to the Basic Dealership Certification Program.

Our Basic Certification program is designed to help you ensure you maintain a good reputation both on and offline. Our Dealer Choice Certified seal is recognized by car shoppers nation-wide as a symbol of transparency and trust. As a Basic Certification member, your dealership profile will bear the Dealer Choice Certified seal and benefit from all of our member services that will allow you to leverage your positive customer feedback into increased sales for your business.

Basic Certification Features

  • Dealer Choice Certification
  • Full Featured Dealership Landing Page
  • Visitor Appointment Requests
  • Review & Feedback Notifications
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • SEO for Landing Page
  • Inclusion in city, province & dealership database
  • Welcome Kit
  • Best Practices Training



The Super Certification Program is an enhanced Membership level offering the ability to address negative reviews before they are visible online, along with additional features and enhancements to our Basic benefits and services.

Currently 177 Dealerships are signed up to the Super Dealership Certification Program.

Our Super Certification members enjoy all the benefits as our Basic Certification, in addition to an enhanced approach to reputation management. Beyond displaying our nationally recognized Dealer Choice Certifed seal on your (enhanced) Super Dealership profile page, Super members are able to more actively engage with car shoppers using social media, SEO and by showcasing their own promotions and specials on Dealer Choice. Plus, Super members are privy to a special reconciliation period to address negative reviews, before they are posted on their profile.

Super Certification Features

  • All features included with the Basic Plan
  • Dealership promotions and specials on profile page
  • Reconciliation period to address negative reviews
  • Announcement on Dealer Choice's social media
  • Custom press release featuring content of choice
  • Improved SEO for Dealership's profile page
  • Inclusion in Dealer Choice email blast



The Best Dealership Certification Program offers the highest level of Member benefits, including featured ads across the Dealer Choice website, targeted email blasts and vehicle inventory listings; among plenty more member advantages.

Currently 73 Dealerships are signed up to the Best Dealership Certification Program

In addition to all the benefits included in our Basic and Super Certifications, Best Certification members enjoy the highest level of reputation management and marketing for their dealership through various lead-generating channels such as blog posts, email marketing, live chat and vehicle inventory listings. These high-level features, along with personalized feedback from a Dealer Choice Marketing Consultant help to establish your dealership as a leader among the competition.

Best Certification Features

  • All features included with the Basic and Better Plans
  • Featured promo placements in various high traffic areas
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Weekly announcements on social media
  • Regional targeted email blast
  • Improved SEO content
  • Dedicated Live Chat on dealership profile page
  • Vehicle Inventory Listings
  • Online Marketing Consultant for your dealership



Our Custom Certification Program offers an advanced, personalized reputation management solution for the more progressive dealership. This program caters to leading-edge dealerships seeking a customized approach. Contact us to find out if your dealership qualifies.

Along with all features from our Best Certification Program, Custom Certification dealerships are assigned to a Dedicated Online Marketing Manager who creates a customized marketing and reputation management plan for your dealership. Paid advertising and targeted campaigns ensure your positive online reputation directly influences your in-store sales and referrals.

Custom Dealership Features

  • All features included with the Basic, Super & Best Plans
  • Custom Social Media Ads
  • Targeted Email Marketing and SEO
  • Dedicated Marketing Manager for your dealership
  • Customized Paid Advertising Campaigns (such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter ads)